The submerged maggot

This morning it was raining. It was one heck of a downpour. To see the aftermath, i went out with my camera after the torrent of rain had stopped. It was messy. One poor maggot met the angel of death in this puddle. I did a close-up & suddenly a quote turned up like a shockwave. It was Henry miller’s

I am glad to be a maggot in the corpse which is the world



10 thoughts on “The submerged maggot

  1. Reblogged this on homeaffairsdotme and commented:
    “I am glad to be a maggot in the corpse that is the world….

    I am glad. The world is my other home in which my home resides.

    The rain falls, in torrents sometimes, drowning (out) the good and the bad.
    And sometimes, I’d rather feed off the world than the world feed off me.


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